Hymn Composers - The website for new mass settings and hymns
          Hymn Composers - The website for              new mass settings and hymns

The website for hymn composers and writers of new mass settings which are mainly CBCEW and ICEL approved.

My name is Richard Oates. Please have a look around and get to know this site which is for hymn composers to list their works for the use of Christian parishes. To give me an idea of who has been visiting this hymn composers' site, you can write in the guestbook. Please also give me some feedback with regard to the mass settings and hymns. I would be delighted to hear from you if you have made any recordings.

Mass settings and hymns

I have listed some of my Mass settings (Latin and New English for the new rite) along with some hymns. They are available for downloading with no copyright restrictions where they are for use in your parish. I have received both CBCEW and ICEL approval for some of the settings.



I have written new mass settings called St Pio, after the Italian Capuchin saint. St Pio exhibited stigmata for 50 years and spent a great deal of time listening to confessions. Many miracles have been attributed to his intercession. The music is now available for download. I have recently written music to the Lord's Prayer.


A parishioner, Kim Pemberton, who wrote some wonderful words for a Communion hymn called Upon the Altar of the Lord. The chorus is very Newman-like whereas the verses are more St Francis. I believe his words are quite inspired and I have put a setting to them. Our choir has enjoyed singing the words and the hymn has become a favourite. Sadly, Kim has just died. May he rest in peace.


Sarah Williams has kindly agreed to put her arrangements on this site for you to download. She is very talented and plays many instruments, besides having a wonderful voice. Please have a look at her page and get to know her arrangements.


If you would like to put your work on this hymn composers' site, please use the contact page to let me know. We can then make arrangements. Many thanks.

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